Building and Development

General Inquiries

  • Please read the entire Building Permit Process (PDF) document before calling with any building questions, as the document should answer all general questions.
  • For code or zoning requirements please reference the Garibaldi Municipal Code. Use the upper right search bar to find your topic.
  • For further questions regarding planning, zoning, property owner information, code requirements, etc., please contact City Manager by email at or by phone at (503) 457-8579.

Regulating Land Use

The City of Garibaldi regulates land use within its municipal borders. All building with the City of Garibaldi must have an approved Garibaldi Land Use Permit Application (PDF) before a structural permit is issued.

Please read the entire Building Permit Process (PDF) document before filling out the Garibaldi Land Use Permit Application.  

County Regulations

Structural code with Garibaldi is regulated by Tillamook County Community Development. Questions regarding structural building must be addressed by Tillamook County's Building Official by calling 503-842-3408.

Useful Documents & Links