Building and Development

General Inquiries

 Please read the entire Building Permit Process (PDF) document before calling with any building questions, as the document should answer all general questions.

  • For code or zoning requirements please reference the Garibaldi Municipal Code. Use the upper right search bar to find your topic.
  • For further questions regarding planning, zoning, property owner information, code requirements, etc., please email

Short Term Rentals

The R1 zone allows vacation rental dwellings outright, established prior to February 11, 2008, and located south of Garibaldi Avenue (U.S. 101) or accessed privately from Garibaldi Avenue (U.S. 101).

As a conditional use, the R1 zone allows short-term rentals only south of US 101, or accessed privately from Garibaldi Avenue (U.S. 101).  Bed and breakfast establishments are also allowed as a conditional use in the R1 zone, given certain conditions.  More information is available in the municipal code.

Zones C1 and D1 both allow tourist housing, as follows:

D. “Hotel” means any structure, or any portion of any structure, which is occupied or intended or designed for transient occupancy for 30 days or less for dwelling, lodging or sleeping purposes; and includes any hotel, motel, inn, condominium, tourist home or house, studio hotel, bachelor hotel, lodging house, rooming house, apartment house, public or private dormitory, fraternity, sorority, public or private club; and also means space in mobile home or trailer parks, or similar structures or spaces or portions thereof so occupied; provided, such occupancy is for less than a 30-day period.

Accessory Dwelling

Accessory dwelling units shall comply with the following standards, which are intended to control the size and number of accessory dwellings on individual lots, ensure compatibility with existing uses and ensure that accessory dwellings are for the use of permanent or long-term residents, rather than short-term rental use.

1. The structure complies with applicable building codes.

2. The primary residence shall be owner-occupied. Alternatively, the owner may appoint a family member as a caretaker of the principal house and manager of the accessory dwelling.

3. A maximum of one accessory dwelling unit is allowed per lot.

4. The maximum floor area of the accessory dwelling shall not exceed 33 percent of the living area of the house or 600 square feet, whichever is less, and may not exceed 15 percent of the entire area of the site.

5. The accessory dwelling shall meet the setback, placement and design requirements of the R-1 zone and meet all the requirements of any associated overlay zones.

6. In addition to the parking required for the primary dwelling, a minimum of one space shall be provided for the accessory dwelling.

7. The accessory dwelling shall remain in the same ownership as the primary dwelling. The accessory dwelling shall not be sold as a separate real or personal property.

C. All accessory structures shall comply with the standards of the zone in which they are located and with applicable building codes.

D. In the commercial (C-1) and downtown (D-1) zones, accessory structures shall not be used for human habitation. [Ord. 319 § 21, 2013; Ord. 304 Art. V(6), 2008; Ord. 290 § 3(4.080), 2006.]

Regulating Land Use

The City of Garibaldi regulates land use within its municipal borders. All building with the City of Garibaldi must have an approved Garibaldi Land Use Permit Application (PDF) before a structural permit is issued.

Please read the entire Building Permit Process (PDF) document before filling out the Garibaldi Land Use Permit Application.  

County Regulations

Structural code within Garibaldi is regulated by Tillamook County Community Development. Questions regarding structural building must be addressed by Tillamook County's Building Official by calling 503-842-3408.

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